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Why middle age is a powerful time for change and growth

Do you feel a stirring, a warning, or an urgency to change your life for the better? Accounts of an epic midlife transformation have been recorded since the Middle Ages, as The Divine Comedy wrote about in 1307. Why does the urge hit at midlife? It seems a certain level of maturity is important to support such a transcendent experience.

Before we can have deeper discussion on the subject of ‘midlife transformation’, we should first clarify a different set of terms. Though many might call it a ‘midlife crisis’, such a term is derogatory and belittles the extraordinary self-improvement possible during this season of life. For women, ‘midlife transition’ may more accurately describe her progression through the perimenopause transition that often occurs between the ages of 35 and 52. We should also respect the terms of ‘transition’ or ‘transitioning’ related to gender presentation.

Why does a personal transformation so often occur as part of our natural human development during midlife? Books have been written on the subject, and they can help us to understand more about the likely process and outcome of this phase of life.

Joseph Campbell’s book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces (1949), defined the hero’s journey as a search for the soul that will ultimately reveal our unique nature. The stages of this process can initiate as soon as the hero responds to the call to adventure.

Maureen Murdock wrote The Heroine’s Journey (1990) to detail what the quest can be like for the female gender. This masterpiece by Dr. Murdock outlines the forces often at play during midlife, and the shift that tends to emerge in women. It involves a life-changing midlife passage called ‘The Descent’. The word alone signals the need to dig deep and have courage in the face of difficulties. According to the book,

The breakdown of old roles becomes a breakthrough…so that the heroine can be reborn.’

It describes a transformation! The words inspire thoughts of a caterpillar cacooning for a season, breaking itself down, to evolve into a glorious butterfly.

This Word Art illustrates other common expressions for the process or outcome of a personal transformation.

Yet, before we get too carried away visioning the brilliant result, it’s sobering to consider the challenges a heroine must bravely face during the dark descent.

· Facing the parts of her wounded self

· Letting go of old ways and identities

· Shedding defenses, habits, and attitudes that have been outgrown

Personal transformation demands the kind of self-improvement that requires honest reflection and a holistic approach. Self-care may be needed for healing your mind, body, and soul.

Does the heroine’s journey or the dark descent seem familiar to you? If so, first understand that you are not alone. Others have learned how to face daunting challenges in life. Two books are true stories of hope that things will get better over time:

​Elizabeth Gilbert. Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything. London: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2007.

​Marshawn Evans Daniels. Believe Bigger: Discover the Path to Your Life Purpose. New York: Howard Books, 2018.

If you are interested in self-improvement, the following two guided journaling books can assist with your journey of transformation. Their combined use may be a practical way for you to reflect, heal, and set intentions for new growth.

​Phillip C McGraw, PhD. Self Matters: Creating Your Life from the Inside Out. New York: Free Press, 2001.

​Mastin Kipp. Claim Your Power. New York: Hay House Inc., 2017.

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