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Ways oracle cards unlock your intuition to flourish

How do you deal with uncertainties in your life and your work? It’s only human to worry about the future…about things like our prosperity, love, and safety. But sometimes the mind can overthink in a way that is not helpful. That’s when we’d be better off to relax our mind, center our focus, and connect with our intuition (our inner compass). Your intuition wants to lead you to brilliance. But in case you invite some help to more clearly tune in to your intuition, having the conscious intent is a great first step. Then some tools could be useful. Are you curious to explore how oracle cards and readings could enhance your perception?

An oracle reading is a potent way to receive navigational information using our intuition. To better understand the potential behind this method, consider the following:

  • Keep in mind, a large number of tarot and oracle decks are available today, and you can find them in bookstores or esoteric boutiques. Generally, each card has a unique image (symbolism), comes with a written summary (interpretation), and is full of rich meaning.

  • You will naturally be attracted to some decks more than others. Those decks you are drawn to can be more emotive and effective for you.

  • Readings can be done in a myriad of ways. Based on your interests for the reading, first a layout is established (where each sequential card position is assigned a connotation). For example, you could do a 1) Past, 2) Present, and 3) Future reading. Then, a set of cards are chosen, and placed in the designated positions one after the other.

  • Recall that, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ So sometimes the image alone provides one a sufficiently clear message.

  • Often, the insights possible will reflect our state of openness. The reading will deliver information one is ready to see and/or hear.

  • The intuitive insights from an oracle reading aim to support your growth and evolution. The messages might echo what a part of you was beginning to sense. The messages can be illuminating, revealing the truth, even if inconvenient.

  • The insights can be empowering, expanding your awareness. So you can better discern what diverts your attention and preoccupies you. And so you can choose more wisely where to focus and streamline your energy.

  • With intention and practice, you can awaken and condition yourself to strengthen your perception, becoming more sensitive and empathetic.

  • An adept oracle reader is highly sensitive, empathetic, a clear channel for communicating sacred connotations, and fluent in specific oracle and tarot decks. It’s best to find one you resonate with—one committed to thoughtful speech, using energetic language and words that inspire you.

Personal growth and evolution can only be done with an open mind. It will require honest reflection, conscious intentions, and purposeful actions.

Your authentic self insists that you express your true essence in fullness, and live your best life now. You may need to identify the best course of action how to get your life back on track. Where focus goes, your energy flows, and your life grows.

You can use oracle cards to tap into your intuition. Contact Vibrant Allies to initiate an oracle reading tailored to your interest. You can ask specific questions or get a glimpse of the year ahead. All you can imagine is possible.

If you are keen to explore oracle and tarot cards through self-discovery, the following are three good examples of decks available. Their combined use may offer you a more holistic way to channel your inner wisdom, be true to yourself, and do what matters most.

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Alana Fairchild. Rumi Oracle. Victoria, Australia: Blue Angel Publishing, 2016.

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Photos by: 1) Veronika Mavska (pexels), 2) Viva Luna Studios (unsplash).

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