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Vibrant Allies 

Wellness Group

About Vibrant Allies
''I can help you find natural solutions to nurture wellness and feel radiant''
Kala Kaspar, PhD

My passion is to teach how to nurture wellness, and to empower women to navigate challenges, transform and thrive.


I have a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Nutritional Science, a background in Dietetics and nutrition counseling-- with expertise in healthy aging, women's health and fitness, and natural lifestyle solutions to manage common cellular aging and hormonal changes after 40.   


I have been leading health education programs at a Fortune 100 company for over 15 years, also serving as an Editor of the Clinical Nutrition Highlights publication since 2009 and a Masterclass Instructor since 2015. 

Vibrant Allies Wellness Group aims to unite, uplift, and help you live joyfully. 

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Helping you take steps

to improve health,

increase your vitality,

and live your best life now 

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Signs that it's time to change

your life for the better

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Identifying Your Needs

The first steps to change your life for the better will use personal needs assessment tools, and a self-discovery process of guided journaling and self-reflection exercises. You'll choose certain actions to nourish your body, mind and spirit 

--such as food, sleep, exercise. You'll learn how to design your life goals planner

Realizing Your Inner Power

You will have support

to discover your inner strength, find your purpose and passion, and begin living passionately.

An ally can assist you in choosing the best actions, starting a personalized health and wellness program, or reinventing yourself.



Living By Your Values

You'll be empowered to express your personal style, create a self-care plan, and use the power of intention.  You'll also have access to a healthy living online community as you continue on your personal transformation journey to fulfill your desires.     

For Speaking & Corporate events, please use the contact form above.
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Words of Wisdom (WoW)

“Change is inevitable, but transformation is by conscious choice.”

Heather Ash Amara


To initiate a 30-minute free consultation,

please introduce yourself via the form below.

We can then propose a personal wellness plan

& package deal to match your interests.

Let's discuss the possibilities!

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For Speaking & Corporate events, please use the contact form above.
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